Re: [AH] Doepfer vs .Com modular?

From Legion
Sent Tue, Jan 2nd 2007, 05:41

If those are your choices I'd go for Doepfer. More modules and
manufacturers in the Euro format which seems to be having a bibt of a
rebirth at the moment.

I would not say dotcom is "sturdy". The faceplates are light and the one's
I've seen use thin gauge wiring, etc. Don't get me wrong, they're not junk
but they are hardly "Built like a tank" as I have seen some folks say.
"sturdy" to be is the bulletproot MOTM 1/4" series or even metalbox or
modcan/cyn stuff.

Euro also has a variety of power supplies and cases to choose from which I
think would be cheaper to get into depending how you configure things.

> I am debating wether I should start a doepfer modular or a .Com
> modular. I like the variety of modules available for the Doepfer but
> I also really think (at least to my eyes) that the .Com modules look
> more sturdy. Also which one is cheaper to start off as far as cases
> and power supplies? And are there any negatives or positives
> regarding the sound of either?
> Thanks for the feedback,

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