Re: [AH] Analog/MIDI studio setup

From Justin Maxwell
Sent Wed, May 9th 2007, 01:28

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there are some fantastic analog seq macros available for ableton (or  
you can just make your own).  i agree there are some serious midi  
bugs (clock isn't as solid as i need it to be), but getting into the  
macros is very rewarding.   you can pretty much recreate a polyphonic  
doepfer maq with some clever programming.

and just like the last time this thread about analog seqs came up,  
i'll say this: frostwave FAT.   vertical faders make a world of  
difference when visualizing note entry.

On May 8, 2007, at 4:16 PM, Rui Peixoto wrote:

> If you have space to keep the MPC I'd definitely use it for midi  
> sequencing. Ableton has some annoying bugs when it comes to midi  
> and I really like how things flow when sequencing on an MPC.
> However I sold mine and I'm living with the limitations of ableton.
> For midi interface look for something that can also work as an  
> external patchbay. Motu has some, I use and edirol UM550 (8 channel  
> version is the UM880). This comes in handy when you want to change  
> workflow a bit (the edirols have a merge function that is very useful)
> Also, if the Pro-1 and the 101 don't have midi I'd buy a midi/cv  
> converter to use them
> About the rest of the gear is up to you. I prefer to have just a  
> couple of machines around me, but some people like to have lots of  
> synth at hand. So it's up to you really.
> Analog style sequencers are really cool but I haven't found the  
> perfect solution yet. They're either too limited, with cryptic  
> interfaces or too expensive. :)
> Rui