Re: (amb) Re: A Matter of Production (or whatever)

From Isaac Trogdon
Sent Fri, May 21st 1999, 04:36

> >         I defintely appreciate a good dj who puts together an 
> > eclectic and  mixed combination that no single band could match. On the
> other 
> > hand,  seeing "knob-twiddlers" live can't hold a candle to live
> musicians
> > grooving.
> I have to disagree here.  When I saw Autechre and Push Button Objects
> about 3 years ago in Miami Beach THEY ROCKED MY WORLD!  It was the most
> surreal experience to hear such beautiful music melting the speakers and
> watch these cats do their thing on the keyboards while sequencing on a
> desktop live.  WOW!  :) 

i've got to agree here.  in just one week i saw pan [a] sonic, and then
the transmissions festival which included john hudak improvising bleeps on
his laptop above prepared static, and a performance by bernhard guenter
which consisted of him playing a few tracks off cd.  watching a
performance really isn't the point, unless it's some theatrical
experience, and in this vein of things you're likely to end up w/ newage
inpterpretive dance in that case.  i don't think i could have been more
blown away by any of these.  visually, john hudak gave us a close up video
shot of his eye, and pansonic had a neat wave form moving to the music
projection [b guenter left us in complete darkness].  it was super. .ist