Otay. Final price drop on the Minimoog. :)

From Five
Sent Sat, Jan 17th 1998, 16:55

I can say "It's yours!  Take it away!" if you whip $805 U.S. my way.  :)

Cosmetically, the machine is in VERY GOOD condition.  There are some
very minor scuff marks on the wood; 2 keys are lifted about 1/8th of an
inch.  Otherwise, it's fine.  :)
And this machine comes WITH a flight case!  :))
And _I_ will pay LAND shipping.  :O  :))

If no-one wants it, I'll keep it with the System 100m that I'm keeping,
as well. :))

Also, while I think of it, the Boss pedals as well:

CE-2 Chorus unit - $30 U.S.
DM-2 Analog Delay unit - $30 U.S.
HC-2 Hand Clap unit - $40 U.S.
PSM-5 Power Supply / Master Switch - $25 U.S.

All units come WITH their PSA-120 or ASA-120 power supplies. :)

Take care all,

A.R.F. is dead - May 22nd, 1997
"But 'his' heart's still beating in
some dreams, around the world. :)"