Aphex/Rephlex VINYL FS

From Todd J. Sines
Sent Thu, Sep 14th 1995, 15:55

yes, after many years I've grown out of the Aphex sound (for the most part).
the list....

* MF 201--The Aphex Twin. 1. Analogue Bubblebath, 2. Isopropophlex
          The Aphex Twin with Schizophrenia (Tom Middleton) 3. En Trance to Exit
          4. Afx 2   (this is the first release on Mighty Force Records.)

* Cat 009ii--The Caustic Window. (forgot the track listings...)

* Universal Indictator TR-606 (red) with the dumb "The Aphex Twin" stamp that
  caused too much confusion.

* Universal Indictator TB-303 (blue) "  "       "       "       "       "      "

* Wap 33--Polygon Window. QUOTH ep. 1.1 Quoth 1.2 Iketa 2.3 Quoth (Wooden Thump
  mix) 2.4 Bike Pump Meets Bucket

* Cat 009i--The Caustic Window. Joyrex j9. TB303/606 picture disc in clear

* cat 008--AFX. Analogue Bubblebath Vol 3. Assorted meaningless numbered track
  listings... with brown paper bag sleeve.

* Warp LP7--Polygon Window. Surfing on Sine Waves. Clear vinyl, ltd ed 000905.
  (don't feel like listing tracks)

* WAP 39R--aphex twin. Madreporic Plate EP remixes of ON. A1. d-scape mix A2.
  reload mix B1. u-ziq mix B2. 28 mix.

Let me know what you think each is worth. I'm willing to trade for the
Anti-EP from Autechre, Reflections d'Art, old Warp singles/LPs (Sweet
Exorcist, etc..) BDP stuff (esp SPANNERS) misc Irdial stuff, etc.... but
VINYL only.


Todd Sines
.xtrak - Enhanced - neriq - Zinc Studios