[AH] fs: asol/asys/bananalogue/roland/doepfer

From jon schatz
Sent Wed, Jan 2nd 2008, 02:50

cleaning house:

asol sd-78 snare drum module - $110
asol bd-78 bass drum module - $110
asol bd-88 bass drum module - $120 (no cable included)
asol hh-88 high hat module - $120 (includes y cable to connect two  
modules to one ps)

all of the above for $425 shipped in the usa.

asys rs-220 joystick (includes doepfer adapter cable, no asys cable) -  

doepfer a-179 light cv source - $85
doepfer a-197 analog meter (crack in the plastic cover and missing the  
screw that holds said cover on, but the cover stays on its' own) - $85

bananalogue vcs (eurorack) - $200

roland rs-09 (second version, sweet chorus, "disintegration" sounds) -  

i'm located in san francisco. i'll ship domestically via fedex,  
internationally via parcel post. i have lots of good traders here and  
on ebay (jonatdivisionbyzero).


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