[AH] [Price Reductions] Stuff for sale (808, wasp, doepfer, cr78, x0x, e

From Julian
Sent Tue, Mar 6th 2007, 05:09


Im going to list most of these items on ebay on Thursday, but, before =
then, ive cut some of their prices.  Id have to pay ebay fees
anyway, so I may as well cut the prices here before they go there..


I fully realise none of its budget priced (esp for dollar based =
countries), however, im confident that you do get what you pay for
though - if you want boxed / perfect equipment its there reddy to go.

If any list member wants some of the doepfer stuff (that I havent =
reduced) - spend over =A3150 (on doepfer stuff) and ill give you a
further 10% off my listed price (on doepfer stuff)

Cheers, Julian
(located in england, happy to ship)

Ps. please don=92t just add your name to the site and then ignore your =
email - you know who you are...