Re: Poly MIDI-CV

From Mark Pulver
Sent Tue, Sep 2nd 1997, 20:46

>I want to control a 4 module OB SEM array with all of its lovely CV
>I'd like to be able to control all 4 of them in any poly/mono

The Kenton Pro4 has two global AUX CV control points available which will
let you bring out assignable controllers to do things like control VCF

One thing that you may find sad is that while most of them support multiple
internal LFOs (with varying waveforms, MIDI sync, etc) none of them let the
LFOs show up as independent control voltages on the outside. ie, the LFO is
mixed into the main CV out.

Actually, if you wanted JUST the LFO, then you could use an unassigned
channel to send the LFO to only that port and then take it out as a
separate signal, though it'd be DC offset by the CV amount.

>I see Doepfer has a 24 output MIDI-CV.  Anyone have any experience with
>their MIDI-CV products?

Nope... Can't say I have.


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