Re: [AH] Fenix comment

From [.v/jek.]
Sent Wed, Dec 2nd 1998, 21:12

>There is a place for both. The Fenix has a sound of it's own.
>I for one find physically patching and touching controls quicker >and
>than building a patch on a computer screen.

This might be my "ignance" showing again, but one major difference
(in my mind, at lest) is the fact that the fenix is built upon
a banana jack patching matrix and the Nord is a "hardwired"
doepfer styled jacking matrix (1/8".. 1/4".. ect) Basically,
you cannot do as much feedback work or multiple routing from
a single output as you could do on a nord.. This difference
might be eclipsed by the larger number of modules you can
put to work for you the software setting.. but does that really
rectify the situation? BTW- would the interfacing module from the
Modcan work for the fenix as well???  Just curious...