Re: Realistic Arp 2600 Price Needed

From Bad MoFo
Sent Fri, Aug 11th 1995, 08:42

At 7:31 PM 8/10/95, Lorne Hammond wrote:

>Agreed, you can't, but there are other "patches" possible on the matrix,
>that the ARP can't do as well.

The Matrix' multimode filters are cool, 'tis true, but the beauty of a
modular is that you can add anything you want.  The biggest holes on the
2600 are the lack of CV resonance and the lack of VCO sync - you can get CV
resonance by feeding the VCF output into a VCA and back into the VCF; you
have to mod the VCO boards to get VCO sync.

>> Experimenting w/ the possibilities of CV patching might change your mind.
>Sure, done that.  also driven digital gear from cv outs & gates and
>paid dues with the MS-20  there are other ways to go

Esquivel said - "With all due respect to the arrangers today, I don't think
they're using the synthesizers to full effect.  One's imagination is the
only limit." -

I don't think the MS-20 was the problem. %-}

>> Huh?
>duophonic keyboard

As Suzi Creamcheese said, "Yowie-Zowie".  With everything that can be done
w/ a MIDI sequencer & a MIDI/CV convertor, why would you want to be stuck
w/ a CV duophonic keyboard???

>Fair enough, but I still say no keyboard=significant drop in value

Value as in useability or collectibility?  As I remember, the LFO didn't
have a very useable frequency'd probably be better off w/ the
Kenton's MIDI syncable LFO.

Fuck collectibility.

>I agree it would not be used much, but the lfo would be missed.  use 1 vco
>as an lfo and you are down to two voices...I guess that would mean you'd
>need a wing cabinet as well <g>?  Where is that issue of Pennysaver, uhmmm..

Well, why not a wing cabinet?  If you build one yourself, it doesn't have
to be expensive.

I don't think the 2600 is an end in itself (Michael Boddicker, once MR. LA
Studio Synth dude, had an SEM bolted to the top of his).  It is a good
start towards going modular.  Compare it to the alternatives - MS10/20/50,
EML-100/101, System 100, System 100m, Moog, and a host of other less common
modulars.  The 2600 has a very good feature/cost ratio, and VCOs that have
excellent stability & tracking.

My point has been, and is, that the Matrix 6/6R/1000 (or even
Xpander/Matrix12) are VERY different beasts.  Each one has its uses.  The
Matrix is no replacement for a 2600; a 2600 is no replacement for a Matrix.
You're comparing apples & oranges, and to say that the Matrix is a better
value than the 2600, when I can sit here and reel of a list of thing the
Matrix can't do, is ridiculous.

I can accept that a 2600 isn't worth as a Matrix 6 to you - can you accept
that others have different values?