Re: not an "official" dealer(letter to Enport)

From Paul Perry
Sent Mon, Mar 16th 1998, 04:50

At 03:02 PM 15/03/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Can anyone else confirm if what Tim is saying is correct? By way of analogy, if
>I buy a new car with a 3 year warranty, and sell it after a year, the warranty
.....this is not necessariarly true, see fine print.......
 By the same token, if I
>buy a brand new Kurzweil from Dinko's keyboard in L.A., then move to N.Y., I
>don't have to go back to Dinko's to get the warranty honored--I can go to any
>service center in N.Y. 
.....not if you bought it from another country, you cant.... as many people who 
buy walkpersons etc on therir holidays overseas find......
> (This is not my
>area of expertise, so please correct me if I'm wrong.)

OK, you're wrong.
But I will say this: if anyone in Australia has a broken modular synth, I'm
to look at it for them ;)   (esp if it is a Fenix :) :)  )

>> >> > Well - I can see from this how you conclude that Doepfer has no legal
>> >> > reason to warranty the product, but I don't understand how you conclude
>> >> > that they have NO ethical reason to warranty the product.

well actually if it were generally known that Doepfer were happy to service 
equipment bought from non=authorised dealers in USA or elsewhere, then their 
authorised USA dealer would be right to be upset, since they have had to
invest in
advertising and provision of service facilities for Doepfer in USA.

Having said this, I readily admit to buying software from the USA rather
than the local
Australian authorised agents. I do this because in some cases, such as
Cubase, the 
Australian price is MORE THAN TWICE the US price, and the local agents KNOW
and provide NO service and are prepared to LIE TO CUSTOMERS.
for some hardware, I'm prepared to go this route also.

Of course, some exclusive distributors are prepared to exploit their position.
But I don't think that is happening in the Doepfer case..

paul perry melbourne australia