Re: [AH]Not so Silly Question

From Kurt Dwight Bleach
Sent Thu, Sep 24th 1998, 21:33

Andrew Puls Q-Bot Eye wrote:

> It is for me. Remember, Richard James (aka Aphex Twin) builds all of
> his own equipment. You can also build alot of stuff for real cheap,
> and it isn't even that hard.

I gotta disagree with you here on three points:
In addition to (theoretically) building his own gear, James has a huge collection of analogue, including (as I understand) an MS-20, 202, 303, 808, 909, etc., etc. (BTW, it's
been a topic of conversation here on several occasions as to whether he really does build his own gear, or whether he mostly butchers and mod's other gear.)
Secondly, building your own gear is easily as expensive and perhaps more expensive than picking up a used piece or two. I put hundreds of dollars into an ASM-1, which "sort
of" works. Even though it was a fun, educational experience, if I had it to do over again, I'd probably put that money into Doepfer modules.
Thirdly--it may not be "that hard," but I'd hesitate to call it easy, particularly if you have no grounding in electronics. Ask anybody who's made a Fatman (probably one of
the easiest ways to get into DIY electronic music), and they'll tell you it's no walk in the park.
In my humble opinion, DIY should definately not be considered a "poor man's" entry into analogue--by the time you get a decent soldering iron and figure out what the hell
you're doing and get a kit together, you've probably spent more than what you would have in the second hand market to get something comperable. DIY is a hobby unto itself,
for the adventurous or electronically inclined, but not for people who want to get into analogue but don't know how to save their pennies.