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From fEEd
Sent Thu, Mar 16th 1995, 15:47

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995 05:12:40 -0800, 
Michael Winton  < > wrote:

>I was killing some time today at the local bookstore and was browsing
>through some books on vintage synths--found a nice picture of a Roland
>System 100M.  I'm curious if these creatures are totally extinct, and if
>not where (please don't laugh) and for how much I might find one...
>Has anybody on the list played with one (I assume so, but...)?  What are
>your impressions?  Can you recommend any other modular pieces that are
>somewhat affordable (I can't afford an Arp 2600...)?

Well, the 100m is very nice, but not really very affordable either. ;>  The 
eml101 is a quasi-modular (patches AND knobs) that can usually be found at a 
decent rate.  

My advice to all you people who are hoping to get a 2600 is to buy an 
odyssey and get the mods done to it that Tom M. recently posted about.  I 
just had this done and now my black\gold odyssey:

-Has ~40 patch points (mostly the same as a 2600)
-Has the original ARP moog-like filter
-Has switchable free-run\triggerable LFOs
-Has switchable double speed\normal ENV
-Has a much cleaner VCA

You can pick up the black\orange or black\gold odysseys for quite cheap 
(I got mine for basically free!) and spend $300 on them to get the moded.  
Overall you would most likely spend about 1/2 as much as a 2600 and get all 
the functionality plus (to my ears) a better filter.  BTW, these mods can 
also be done to an Avatar.  I am not syaing that this totally replaces the 
2600, but it IS a good cheap way to get a VERY patchable synth.

BTW, I saw a new Matthew Sweet video last night where some guy was tweekin a 
100m.  Of course all you coudl hear was jangly guitar.  I think i am gonna 
be sick.


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  "FILTER MAINTENANCE- After every 100 hours of operation apply a sine wave  
  to the output of the FILTER to back flush the trapped overtones to unclog 
  your filter."                                            - EML 101 Manual