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> >> >Everything Edison knew, he learned from Tesla.
> An inlaw told me once that Tesla was an extra-terrestrial. *???*

He did a lot of research on flying disks (well, creating such strong em
fields that they got off the ground), so who knows.
> PAIA's Fatman?    I'm debating the advantages of a Roland
> JP-8000 verses a modular system and would greatful for some
> suggestions on what to get if I go modular.

Er, I don't think you need a list to tell you that.  I mean, think about

Synth		JP8ooo	Modular
-------	-	------	--------
midi		yes	probably not
price		$1k?	$1000-$infinity
memory		yes	no
patchable	no	yes
features	limited	unlimited

moreover, if you want to have 6 voices on a modular, you're going to need
either 6 midi-cv converters or 6 cv sequencers.  The jp-8000 has plenty.
They are totally different, and, well, i am too tired to finish that spec
comparison :)

It all depends on what you want to do.  Do you want to play chords?  Don't
get a modular unless you plan on spending some big $$$ on a nice setup and
some nice midi-cv devices.  Do you want to make an unlimited amount of
sounds and have total control?  get a modular....those are the kinds of
things you need to consider...

Your best bet is to load up two browser windows, point one at the jp-8000
specs page, and the other at, say, the doepfer a-100 webpage.  

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out :)
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