Re: Sequencer for (Doepfer) modular

From Doug Masla
Sent Fri, Sep 19th 1997, 22:39

At 10:09 PM -0500 9/18/97, \[22Hz\] Productions wrote:
>On Thu, 18 Sep 1997 wrote:
>> Ho Heaveners,
>> the Doepfer A-100 modular system will be upgraded by an interesting
>> sequencing module:
>	Do you (or anyone) know if such a module is possible to use as a
>stand-alone box? (With a power supply, of course.) It would be most
>interesting if that were possible, as the MAQ16/3 is a little pricey, and
>this looks somewhat simpler (and cheaper.)
>	Jason

the new sew. mod. from doepfer would have to be in one of their power you could short
load a rack and add more modeles in the future,,,
My experience with their products(A100/maq/schaltwerk)are they are very
well made,stury enough tp gig with /pots feel smoot and good tork and thier
filters(moog and multimode are very good)the only othe company to have as
good aselection on modules bau at a hight price is STS/SERGE(my personal
fav.)but you can't beat the Doepfer for bang fot the buck...
Doug M.