Why no Serge drum box?

From atombee
Sent Tue, Oct 10th 1995, 18:59

>> Why doesnt a decent manufacturer like Serge/Doepfer or even Oberhiem come
>> up with a new adjustable analog drum box at a decent price?
>ken hankins

What kind of politics? I really think it is simple profit and loss
considerations ...

It is not hard to create amazing and varied drum sounds and patterns with
existing Serge modules (i.e. ringing filters, pulse dividers, noise
generators, gates, etc.) ...

>From the conversations I've had with Rex (Pres. of STS, makers of modern
day Serge modules), it is seems that it is not politics, but a matter of
expense to create an "instrument," which may or may not make everyone happy
... which may or may not sell anywhere near enough the quantity necessary
to recoup the initial investment of time and money ...

When one considers how much is already possible with existing designs, I
think one can understand this view from a simple business stand-point ... I
mean, why re-invent the wheel, esp. when it might not be as round?

I also get the feeling from him that customers ask for mods a lot of the
time anyway, so it is better to let them come up with their own panel
configurations so that their exact needs are met.

If you read Electronic Musician, you will note that much ink is devoted to
getting phat, I mean, fat ersatz analog sounds out of digital gear. The
not-so-vast marketplace does NOT want to go back to actual analog
technology, as far as I can see.

We are a minority here on AH.

I use a 606 & Serge stuff (I also recently got a DMX with cheezy 808 & 909
samples on it) & I sync them all together with an old Roland MSQ-100 and
pulse outs of the 606 to the serge ... and I am able to get a VAST array of
percussive sounds ... totally analog, except for the DMX, of course ...

With Serge stuff, a little goes a long way.

Expensive, yes.

Worth it? Absolutely.

A happy customer speaks.


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