Re: pulse ckt cfg

From Christian Hofmann
Sent Fri, Aug 7th 1998, 16:40

On Fri, 7 Aug 1998 10:10:21 -0400 
Chad Gould <> wrote:

> There's a Pulse chipset thing way back in the archives I posted. This
> seems to come up often.
> Summary: the chips I recognized were 2 68HC11 Motorola CPUs; 5 or so
> 74000 series digital; 2 CA3046s, 5 TL064CNs, 2 CA3080s, TL074 and TL071,
> 5 Yageo SIP resistors; lots of Wima mini-capacitor boxes; other discrete
> stuff and stuff I couldn't recognize.
> I guessed (wrongly) the filter location in the previous post; there's
> another location (discrete resistors bent and mounted close to a
> socketed CA3080) that might be another possibility. But I ain't no
> electronics guy; I only looked for what MIGHT be cascade filter styles.
> I'm probably wrong.

So, on with the puzzle game made from that list: obviously there are no
dedicated filter chips in there (in the CEM/SSM sense). All the TLs op
amps can be anything (mixing/amplifying/buffering), the 3080s should be
the stereo VCA part, that would leave the 3046s for the filter. Probably
similar to the Doepfer 404 approach, using transistor arrays for at
least some of the cascade.
Finally, no real VCOs in sight - that's what i suspected anyway...