[AH] Re: Solina Like...

From Nicholas D. Kent
Sent Sat, Jan 23rd 1999, 06:05

> Btw, don't be fooled by analog chorus stomp boxes (BOSS etc). They use a
> single BBD chip, while the Solina uses three of them, and it modulates
> them in a very special manner. No comparison at all.

might be facinating to have a description of this "very special manner"

oh and on the topic of 3 things modulating--

on the MaM RS-3 

I'm curious about the internal lfo. Do the 3 filters just modulate in
parallel and unison or can it do something more tricky (you know, like
one filter modulates an inverse amount, stuff pans, that sort of thing.

Also I've not found description of Technosaurus's version of the Triple

(Ben Ward helped me on the PS series)

for comparison the Doepfer A-127 triple resonator has--
3 separate and adjustable LFOs but they freerun and have no voltage outs
(lost opportunity). But the great opportunity is separate modulation ins
for all three filters and separate audio outs for stereo fun (yes!). Any
of the 3 filters can be jumpered reasonably easily to be a lowpass
filter. Of course this could have been done with a switch so as not to
need the module removed from the rack every time it's done. (I've not
tried yet).

has individual but not CV controllable: mod depth, resonance, filter
freq and output level on each filter

nick kent