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From mikekent
Sent Wed, Jan 3rd 1996, 23:01

>2. Is the sequencer of the Roland MC-202 analog?
The sequencer is digital/analog. Information is stored digitally. Control
such as timing is digital. Hoewever, the output is analog CV/Gate to
control the internal analog synth voice and/or an external CV/Gate synth.
The MC-8, MC-4, CSQ-100/600, are other digital/analog sequencers. Analog
sequencers from Roland (that I remember) are in the System-100/100m/700
series modulars. Digital sequencers include JSQ-60, MSQ-100/700,
MC-500/300/50/etc. and PR-Series (JSQ is DCB, MSQ-700 is DCB or MIDI, the
rest are MIDI).

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