Re: Sennheiser VSM Vocoder (VSM 201)

From tmoravan
Sent Sat, Jun 20th 1998, 16:10

> Has anyone ever heard one of these?
Yes.  I have the good fortune to own one of these units.
Unfortunately, I have never had another vocoder at the same time
to compare it against.  I have used and heard the old Korg VC-10,
the VP-70? from Korg, and the Roland SVC-350 and from memory the
Sennehsier sounded better.  The number of bands (20) plus such
features as noise for unvoiced sounds plus the ability to tweak
each frequency band make it a very nice instrument.  The only thing
it doesn't have is the ability to cross-patch between bands like the
Moog or big Synton and EMS.  I'd love to hear an EMS-5000 or the
Synton 212? and compare.

> Is there a vocoder out there today that comes close to what this instrument
> was capable of?
For a fraction of the price, the MAM and Doepfer products look very useable.
I have not heard either, but others on this list have used them.


Tom Moravansky