Looking for potential offers. (Testing buying option.)

From Five
Sent Sun, Dec 7th 1997, 01:09

I MIGHT be able to buy a load of analog gear from a friend of mine.
I'll hopefully be checking the gear out in a couple of weeks, to see
condition.  (Knowing him, it should all be in EXCELLENT condition.)
I'm only wanting a couple of the devices myself, and am hoping that I
might be able to pay for the entire load, buy selling the units that I
don't wish to own.  This is the list of units that may be available in a
bulk purchase.  I'd like to know what offers there would be on them,
individually, or in multiples:

2 x Polymoog synths (as well. These ones are NOT the keyboard versions)
1 x Moog Source
1 x Moog Minimoog
2 x Roland MC-202s
1 x Roland TR-606 (is already rackmounted, with a couple of extra
options added to it)
1 x Roland System 100M (standard 5 'module' setup)
1 x Roland MPU-101 (4 channel MIDI to CV interface)
1 x Linn LM-1

Let me know any offers in private please.  I'll keep track of
everything, until I find out for sure, how much the friend will be
asking for the pile, when I go to see it all, in 2 weeks.

((((Side note.  I had requested pricing on all of these in Spring of
this year, and have since lost the email replies on that, due to a hard
drive crash in August.  Sorry about, chaps. :O ))))

Take care all,

A.R.F. is dead - May 22nd, 1997 - Long live L.U.G.