Re: [AH] eurorack joystick modules

From Florian Anwander
Sent Wed, Jun 6th 2007, 20:13

Hi Michael

> any opinions on the doepfer vs. analogue systems rs220 joystick  
> modules? the rs220 has two outputs per axis and a range control,  while 
> the doepfer just has an offset control, but the rs220 is more  than 
> twice the price of the doepfer.

Question whether range or offset: Range may have a slight advantage when 
the module is used at a keyboard as in the AS "The Demon" or "French 
Connection". There it is nice to have an amount control close to the bender.
Two outs per channel is better than one - but is it worth double the 
money? I don't know about a difference in the quality of the potentiometers.

Real important would be the question: is the RS220 able to move the 
control stick to the extreme corners? The A174 (and all other joy sticks 
I found) can not do this. There is a circle shaped mask, which prevents 
the extreme corner position of the stick.

If the AS cannot do the extreme corners I'd prefer the Doepfer over the 
AS simply because of the price.