Re: PC1600X

From Mark Pulver
Sent Fri, Apr 17th 1998, 18:12

L Bergman (11:49 AM 4/17/98) wrote:

>Is the PC1600X considered by most to be the controller of choice of its 

In short; yes.

In long... :)

The power of the PC-1600 is under the hood. I've had mine for probs two
years now, and it's held up very well. But then, it's sat in a clean
environment and doesn't see daylight. I have no complaints at all about
it's construction nor feel in use.

>I had a quick look at one in a music store recently, and wasn't
>particularly impressed with the construction - buttons didn't seem real 
>solid, and the data wheel was sloppy (may have been broken).

I haven't touched a PC-1600x, so it's possible that the "x" case is stamped
from lighter gauge aluminum and that they've changed the knob, buttons and

>How about the 
>competition?  I notice that Doepfer makes a unit that appears to be similar 
>(at over twice the price!), how about others?  Any opinions?

Be careful when looking at this particular comparison... The Doepfer
Regelwerk is MUCH more machine than the PC-1600(x). Outside of having 8
more faders, and 8 CV/GATE outs, it has a stripped version of the
Schaltwerk pattern sequencer built into it. I've thought VERY HARD about
getting one. They're about $800 in the US.

I know that Kenton is bringing out an 8 slider box at a price point that
will be HIGHER in the US than a new PC-1600x. Past that, Kawai has their 16
fader box (out of production I think), but it's no where near as powerful
as the PC-1600, especially a PC-1600 with the v2.0 firmware.

The PC-1600 is a STEAL on the used market, and the PC-1600x is a pretty
good buy when you really look at the competition.

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