Re: analogue V1 #643-Doepfer News

From analogueman
Sent Mon, Nov 6th 1995, 03:42

> From: (Mark Landman)
> Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 15:16:44 -0800
> Subject: Doepfer news
> I thought you'd all be interested to hear about some new planned modules
> for the Doepfer A-100 series, namely a 14-band Vocoder and a pitch to
> voltage converter.
> Doug at Doepfer U.S.A. mentioned this stuff to me this a.m. on the phone,
> and said it's supposed to be available by March.
> Combined with all the other modules available and soon to be available,
> this is enough to work me up into true "Doepfer Frenzy"!
> ANALOGUEMAN, did you get your modules yet?
> Mark

Mmmmmmmm.......A vocoder and a pitch-voltage converter.......sounds 
interesting. Seems Doug at Doepfer US is a good source of information like 
this. Wish I could say the same for the UK, as all we have is a second party 
distributer for Doepfer's gear, and they don't seem to know jack shit! :(

No, I'm still waiting for the first batch of thirty something modules along 
with four racks to arrive. I've been told that they have left Germany, so it 
shouldn't be too long now. My second order for a batch of nearly thirty more 
modules goes out at the end of this week, but will aquired via a friend of 
mine in Germany on my behalf, as the prices that Doepfer's distributers in 
the UK are charging, are a complete rip off! A third batch of thirty or so 
more will be ordered at the end of this year.

Don't soon as they start to arrive, you guys will be the
first to know :)



    Sean Coppinger ;-)