Re: sinewaves in analog synthesis

From landman
Sent Tue, Sep 10th 1996, 19:25

Alex Cavaye said;

>Okay, i have shown my utter ignorance by asking why sinewaves weren't
>in the vcf of most analogs.  Apparently it can't work, because it
>can't be filtered.
>Why can't it be filtered?  You should be able to... i think :\

Uh, Alex, this IS a joke, right? You're just trying to rattle us all, right?

>And why does it have to be filtered anyway?  Why can't you do
>something else to change the sound?  Something like adding a slight
>"fuzz" to the wave, so it sounds a bit squeaky.  You could have a
>knob which controlled the "fuzz", so it would sound a bit like
>resonance.  That sort of thing.

Now your on the right track, if you've got a waveshaping module, ala Serge
or Doepfer, you can do marvelous distorted rich harmonic things to sines
and triangles=8A