[AH] Doepfer / Analogue Solutions for sale

From ah@solventcity.com
Sent Wed, Jan 9th 2008, 03:31


these modules are all in good cosmetic condition. the Doepfer modules  
are untested and i haven't been able to test the AS modules recently  
either, but i will guarantee them to be working

prices are in USD and include s&h within North America -- i'm located  
in Toronto



Analogue Solutions BD88 - 808-style bass drum $100
Analogue Solutions SD88 - 808-style snare drum $90
Analogue Solutions HH88 - 808-style high hats $100

- these 3 Analogue Solutions modules do not come with the connector  
Doepfer A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer $290
- comes with connector cable + cable for connecting to an A-154  
Sequencer Controller module

Doepfer A-175 Dual Voltage Invertor $40
- comes with connector cable
Analogue Solutions AS0084 84 hp case $35

- this no longer powers up and is pretty well used, hence the price
- 100% as-is, but my guess is that it wouldn't take much to get it  
working again
- has 3 connector slots - these are 10-pin, which means AFAIK that it  
will only work with Analogue Solutions modules
- also comes with a 4-slot snake cable, which means you can connect 6  
modules in total to this case