[AH] Roland System 100 needs work

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Fri, Feb 10th 2006, 18:56

I have the Roland System 100 components 101 keyboard synth and 102 
expande that need some TLC: sratchy pots and switches, dead lfo on the 
102, keyboard cleaning, and perhaps a bit of modding as well....I can 
replace pots and switches, fix broken leads, clean the key contacts, 
that sort of thing. Trouble shooting and modding are another issue, but 
i've got a decent multimeter and i'm not afraid to open things up and 
turn a few trimpots (within reason!)

But the main thing i want to do right now is calibrate the Oscs to track 
keyboard/external cv properly...this unit has cv ins for gate and osc 
pitch added to the 101 keyboard in the back and the 102 has them on the 
front panel...i use a Roland MPU 101 for midi>cv, i know that works 
properly because my Doepfer A100 tracks fine...if someone could provide 
the instructions for the Osc calibration routine  (actually filters as 
well, duh! )i would be in your debt.... i figure once i get that taken 
care of, i can plan the rest of the job...

as far as the slider pots and switches, does anyone know if these were 
standard with other Roland synths, and if they are still available thru 
Roland or elsewhere?

lastly : i you are or know of a tech who can work  on the older Roland 
analogs (i'm in Chicago area if it make a difference),  please forward 
the info...i'm not interested in making it "mint",  just good working 
condition with a few possible mods...

again, if i can calibrate the oscs (and possibly the filter), i will be 
able to at least use it to record for now...i apprieciate if anyone 
could provide this info....

thank you very much in advance for your time.....