Re: [AH] Best Modular Company?

From Mike Peake
Sent Sun, Mar 26th 2000, 00:39

At 11:18 PM -0000 3/25/0, wrote:
>In your opinion, which of the major modular synth companies (Doepfer,
>Analogue Systems UK, Technosaurus, Wiard, MOTM) is the best in terms of
>value, build quality, sound quality, and customer support? I'm very
>interested in building a modular synth, but there are so many companies, and
>I don't know where to start. I'm leaning toward Doepfer because of the sheer
>number of modules available. However, I like Technosaurus as well because I
>own their "groove pair" and I'm happy with the company as a whole. Any
>thoughts? Thanks!

There is probably no single 'best' modular company/gear, just like there
is no single perfect loudspeaker. In my experience:

The Technosaurus gear is solidly built and of very high fidelity. Jurg is
one of the nicest guys I've ever met. One day I'll get some of this...
The Doepfer panels are thin and tightly packed. A very nice assortment
of modules, though, especially if you already own a great-sounding
modular and want to add control functions to it without great expense.
The Blacet gear is great. Well-built, great support, unusual and useful,
and you can't beat the prices.
The Wiard is really intruiging... Grant is really knowledgeable, and I'm
told that the gear rocks. There are some impressive audio files on the
site. The gear is amost a work of art. The features are almost singular.
The MOTM stuff is pretty clean-sounding, based upon listening to the
audio files on the site. Nice FM timbres. I'd like to see more features
such as looping envelopes with End output gates for chaining, etc.
(Paul, you gotta research the Buchla 200 and apply some of those
great ideas!)
Don't forget the Moogerfoogers, which would be a nice basis for a
modular. That filter :)
The Modcan is pretty nice-looking and well-featured.

The most feature-complete new modular I've seen is the Evos, which
just doesn't seem to be availalble!

Only my opinions,

Mike Peake, Your Psychic Friend