(idm) Re: Q: Vivational comp, any details?

From Maarten D. Schermer
Sent Sat, Jan 13th 1996, 01:50

>> > It does contain several tracks by "The Diceman" which is an alias RDJ
>> > used for the A.I. project but the sleeve has no production credits on 
>> Yes, the Diceman tracks are by RDJ. They're the more experimental tracks
>> on this comp, the rest is rather shallow trance. 
>     Absolutely not true.  I am not sure who they ARE by... I see credited
>a Jolly James, Colin James, and a Scott James, but definitely no Richard
>James.  None of the tracks sound anything remotely like AFX.  On what do
>you base your assumption? 
>     A rumor I heard was that after releasing the DICEMAN track on the AI
>compilation, RDJ found out about the 'other' DICEMAN and decided not to
>release anything else under that alias.  Shallow trance is right. 

>From NME's Info Freako section, march last year:

"Aural Exciter

I've seen a compilation CD called "Vivatonal" featuring tracks by The
Diceman. I know that this is one of the pseudonyms by Richard D. James of
Aphex Twin fame, but I've never come across any of these titles before. Can
you shed any light on this? (...) - Angus Bryant, Rugby

Richard James, aka Aphex Twin Polygon Window, AFX and several thousand
other names, has only released one track as The Diceman, the confusingly
entitled "Polygon Window" on Warp Records' 1992 "Artificial Intelligence"
compilation (LP/CD, WARPLP/CD 6). He was subsequently forced to drop this
name when a previously existing Diceman took umbrage, and it's this Diceman
who appears on the "Vivatonal" collection (Vivatonal CD, VTTCD 01). The
original Diceman is, to add further confusion, an unrelated Colin James.
"Vivatonal", which feature mixes by Kris Needs, The Sabres Of Paradise and
Spooky, is actually entirely the work of Colin James working under no less
than five pseudonyms. (...)"

Hope this helps.