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From Suit & Tie Guy
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On Jun 6, 2007, at 3:24 AM, Florian Anwander wrote:
> Hi


> This can happen with all analogue oscillators, where the (un) 
> loading time of the oscilaltors capacitor is not direct related to  
> the (un)load speed of this capacitor. If the capacitor is already  
> unloaded, while the reset trigger is not yet there, then the output  
> will be flat, which looks like a part of a square wave.
> This is the fact with DCOs where the timing of the unloading comes  
> from a programmable counter, while the speed of unloading is  
> determined by a rough control voltage.

well all the more reason to further investigate this. the Juno uses  
DCOs, but the GR-300 uses some kind of bizarre fuzz-to-trigger-to- 
relaxation core which is then clipped to maintain consistent  
amplitude, as discussed here, and which until 2 minutes ago i had  
never read:

which is just too freaky. it's also exactly the opposite of what i  
remember hearing, which says more about my poor memory than the  
explanatory skills of the very respectable Mr Bissell.

yeah actually i _am_ going to do this tomorrow. under a new thread  
title, i promise.
Suit & Tie Guy