Re: [AH] Eurorack options?

From Mark Pulver
Sent Mon, Jan 5th 2009, 21:37

(as a suggestion, it'd be handy if you'd quote previous emails in your 
reply so we know what emails that you've seen or haven't seen - you've got 
multiple people feeding you information and we don't want to start 
duplicating effort)

That said...

Like I mentioned, you may want to look at options that don't lock you into 
Doepfer module spacing and power supplies. Laurie just mentioned his (Elby 
Designs), I'd brought up Blacet, looks like Bugbrand has something coming 

My physical racks themselves are custom pieces done by Nice-Racks. For the 
$530 you're looking at spending, there are a LOT of options. Each of my 
21-space rack cost WELL less than 1/2 of that Doepfer box. Add to that a 
couple of Elby's or Blacet's chassis's, and then use PowerOne power 
supplies (easily found at online surplus shops) and you'll be WELL ahead of 
the Doepfer price point.

So yes, there are other options.


Danjel van Tijn (12:21 PM 1/5/2009) wrote:
 >I think the ideal size and form factor (taking into account the modest
 >number of modules I will be able to afford over the coming year) is
 >something like the
 >Doepfer a-100g6 with psu2
 >Since it is rackmountable I can get a larger rack unit to stack these in. I
 >also want to keep my modular stuff close to rackmounted sequencers and
 >$530Us for this is still kind of steep but a used one will probably be more
 >in my price range (if I find it).
 >Any other manufacturers of something simmilar?