Re: [AH] WTB: coloured 3.5mm patch cable bundles

From Louis van Dompselaar
Sent Tue, Jan 10th 2006, 21:48

Which Doepfer cables are you refering to? I was under the impression
Doepfer only sold 6.5mm patch cables and not 3.5mm.

Quoting Alex Theakston  [01/10/06 21:17]:
> yeah, I dunno though - I'm in the UK, and if I'm gonna have to get doepfer
> cables I might as well
> get em direkt. Its annoying that they only sell them individually! I might
> wait to see if ebay turns
> something up.
> On 1/10/06, damon <> wrote:
>>Analogue Haven ( should be able to sort ya.
>>On Jan 10, 2006, at 11:08 AM, Alex Theakston wrote:
>>>I'd like to buy a pack of coloured 3.5mm jack-jack cables not much
>>>more than
>>>30-40cm long,
>>>for patching my Cwejman. Does anyone know anyone who does good value
>>>bundles, rather
>>>than paying a bit much for individual leads from someone like Doepfer?