I lost all the responses to my sale/trade of my ROLAND SYSTEM 100

From dv8aff
Sent Wed, Jul 10th 1996, 01:56

I posted my System 100 (101 and 102) right before I packed up my computer
to move.Upon getting my studio up and running again,I fired up my
computer,only to have my hard drive bite the dust.I therefore am
re-offering these two units to you guys first before putting them on
usenet.If you replied and didnt recieve a response,please try me now once
   There is a good description and picture at music machines of the 101
keyboard and its 102 expander unit.they are both in great shape both
cosmetically ,and physically(as well as spiritually).T
No one seems to know what these pieces are actually selling for now
days(high price/low price),as they dont surface very often,I would
appreciate any input from any one who has seen one for sale recently.
Please dont waste my time with lowball offers,I am not as stupid as I may
sometimes sound.
  I will take offers of cash,trade or mixed.I am not really to hot for
anything right now,but who knows .
I am selling to get money for my Mackie 32*8 so keep those offers high and

Thanks John

Please RSVP to me at : redacted@example.com