Important: uploading images

From Mike Perkowitz
Sent Sun, Apr 30th 1995, 22:33

whoever just uploaded the doepfer A-100 stuff: thanks, they're really nice.

however, there are a few things those of you who upload images should 
keep in mind. please read this if you upload stuff to music machines..

- jpegs are generally preferable to gifs. they're compressed, and a lot of
  people say they look better on more kinds of displays

- however, if you're scanning in something which is basically black and
  white or grey scale, there's a good chance a gif will look just as good
  and be much smaller. b/w gifs, for example, are tiny.

those doepfer things were basically greyscale. converting them directly 
to gif dropped the file size by a factor of 2 or 3. a little judicious 
playing with the color maps dropped them to about 10% of the original size.

they were also very large.. larger than any screen in my office could 
display. moreover, a good deal of that space was devoted to text (in this 
case a giant header). in general, i'm not going to keep around images 
that are just text. type it in. in this case, i trimmed off the useless 
stuff (dont worry, i left the address) and i broke the second image into 
two images. then i made sure they were readable and saved them as such.

please.. with a little experimentation and common sense, you can make 
your images *much* more space-friendly. from my original estimate to 
hyperreal that we needed 5-10 meg of space, we've grown to nearly 35 meg. 
fortunately, no one's complaining right now. :)

thanks, and keep uploading



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      mike perkowitz