Re: [AH] how to trigger korg mono/poly with mc-202?

From Florian Anwander
Sent Sun, Jul 20th 2008, 20:08

Hi Bakis

> Can a Doepfer A165 trigger modifier module be used for this convertion?
> (from gate out to s-trigger input). 
> Isn't the s-trigger an inverted (and offseted) 'normal' trigger? (I mean
> instead of going from 0vols to 5 volts, it goes from 5 volts to 0
> volts-ground.
No. S-trigger is simply what the keys of the keyboard do: there are two 
"rails" that are shortened (can be seen very good in the schematics of 
most monophonic moog-synths). You can connect a simple foot switch pedal 
to a s-trigger input, and pressing the foot pedal will trigger the last 
played note.

> So this could be done, also, by a voltage inverter (a175) and a +5 volts
> offset voltage added to the inverted voltage afterwards?
> Am I right?
You are wrong ;-)

> I think I remember controlling my monopoly arpeggiator , in the past,
> via an a165... but I am not sure.
The arp-in reacts on a negative slope of a trigger somehow too, but 
depending on the output of the feeding source gear retriggering can 
happen with the positive slope.