AI 2 (Polygon Window)

From Teep
Sent Wed, Jul 27th 1994, 18:31

i triple paraditto [sik] Lawrence, Peter, and Fluids ideas on the topic
> 12. Polygon Window : My Teapot

this track illustrates the *creative canyon* that exists between
richard james and your favorite AI 2 Joe. . .as i pitter patter thru
this comp (which i find good but painfully mediocre) i long for some
groundbreaking noise. . .hit this track and my dubwise senses go bazerk

i too (yes lawrence!) would like to hear a full album of this sort
of squishy dub sounds. . .wayyyy back when rich was on the SEE THE
LIGHT tour i got my first taste of this avante garde madness. . .

he intro'd with the *d-scape remix of on*  twas a glorious moment
for *electronic listening music* . . .talk about seeing the light! ;)

and as much as i try to keep rich on the level with other artists
he consistantly leaves them all behind. . .or off to side a bit

for those interested. . . rephlex should be blowing bubble4 by august
hold tight!