[AH] FS: Drum Machines, Mixers, Monitors, Keyboard, Analog & Digital Eff

From James Elliott
Sent Wed, Sep 10th 2008, 00:22

I've got a lot of stuff for sale here......

I've got PLENTY of references on vintagesyth.com under johans121 (I've sold an XT, XTK, pulse plus, machine drum, jazbase, a rare ada effects unit, and other stuff there). I also have lots of feedback on ebay under the same name, johans121.


I accept paypal & postal money order. I prefer payment via money order as to avoid paypal fees. If you pay via money order, make sure you send the check in an insured envelope so you can track it & get your money back if it gets lost in the mail. If the buyer insists on using paypal (which is understandable), then I would like the buyer to split the paypal fees with me (4% of price / 2). I don't mind shipping internationally, however shipping fees will have to be added to the prices listed below.

I may be open to a trades (+|-) cash. However if a trade is worked out, I will only ship out my item|cash once I receive your item|cash. The things I am interested in is located after my list of items offered.

I will send pictures upon request.

With that being said here's what I got (I am open to offers, however no lowballs):

1) JoMoX 888: Like New with latest OS installed on it. I am the original owner of this fine piece of gear. I really like this thing - however it was kind of an impulse buy for me, I have a modular synth and several CV sequencers that can emulate most (if not all) of the analog sounds this thing creates, that plus I have a sample library for the random samples I use. Therefore the 888 is redundant for my current needs. This comes with the original box & manual - $1250

2) Ibanez ad100: A pretty rare desktop analog delay unit. It is in perfect working order w/no scratchy pots. It is about a 9.5/10 cosmetically (the face is in perfect condition). I'm only going to sell it if someone makes a very compelling offer. For those not familiar with the Ibanez analog delays, each model sounds and responds very different from each other.

3) Ibanez ad150: Once again, this is pretty rare desktop analog delay unit. It is in perfect working order w/no scratchy pots. It is about a 9.5/10 cosmetically (the face is in perfect condition). I'm only going to sell it if someone makes a very compelling offer. For those
not familiar with the Ibanez analog delays, each model sounds
and responds very different from each other.

4) Mackie onyx 1640 + firewire card + rack ears (which most of these mixers don't come with originally): the EQ's are AWESOME, extremely musical - they ad/da is decent - great
for tracking - otherwise you cannot find another mixer of its class
with the features it has, period. I am the original owner & I've been extremely happy with it. It is 100% functional and is about a 9.8% cosmetically. There is a small dent on the bottom of the front lip, you can barely notice it - the mixer came that way when I received it - I didn't notice the dent until about a week after I had it set up. It wasn't worth my time and effort to send it back as it worked fine and was barely noticable. This comes with the original box and manual - $1150

5) Mackie 1202 vlz pro: built like a tank, USA version, I used this as a sub mixer for monitor mixes, I don't need it anymore thanks to my new 2882. It works 100% functionally and is about a 9/10 cosmetically (there are some minor scratches above a couple of the volume knobs). - $150

6) Ensoniq dp4+: I am only open to offers on this one as I still use it & find that it is an awesome piece of gear. It is an extremely twisted effects unit - can do all kinds of mad crazy shit with it. That, and the reverbs are great. It is 100% functional but it is in about 8/10 cosmetically as there are some scratches on the face (probably where somene banged against it while trying to rack other stuff). I have no idea what the top and bottom looks like as it's been racked for a long time.

7) TC Eletronic m-one xl: Great effects multieffects unit. It is about a 99.9% functional. Effect 2's Compression/Limit graph is a little wonkey - not all of the bars show up (about 80% do). It's not like you need all the bars in the graph to tell how the compressor/limitor is affecting the audio. It by no means has any affect on how the effects work. I don't know about the digital in/outs (because I don't use that stuff) however the analog in/outs work fine. The face is in almost perfect condition - very minor rack rash at worst. Minor rack rash on the top & bottom of the case - $110

8) Korg Kaoss Pad2: like new - I am the original owner. This thing is extremely fun to use as an XY controller with a midi/cv converter. This comes with the original box and manual - $175

9)Korg er1 mk2: A little scuffed up 8/10, but works fine. Still has plastic protective cover on display. the external inputs alone are worth getting this thing. This comes with the original box and manual - $185

10) pair of Roland DS-5 monitors: perfect condition, they actually have a pretty flat response, they are
very nice they even have digital inputs (24/192 via AES/EBU and S/PDIF), they are just lacking in the
lower lows - nothing a sub can't fix, they are PERFECT for
small studios. (I'm actually considering keeping this to go along with
my focal twin 6's - hence my quest to find a decent passive monitor
switcher - see below). Make an offer, if the offer is worth it, they are yours.....

11) Yamaha dx27: great lofi digital FM goodness - 100% functional, 9/10 cosmetic - $200

12) ESI 4000 sampler maxed ram (128Mb) + external scsi jazz drive & (blank jazz 100Mb disks, 12 of them) &
external scsi cd drive & scsi cables (it is what it is, I no longer have a
use for this as i do most of my sampling with my microtrack or within Ableton Live, this is a very flexible unit - plenty of cool features, this is NOT the turbo version). Works 100% and is about 8/10 cosmetically (the only isses with the face are rack rash around the mounting holes, the display still has the protective covering on it) I know that the jazz drive works fine, however I've never used the cd drive, so I don't know if it works - $180

13) A mercenary audio dual RNLA/RNC RACK: This is for the rack (and it's associated hardware) only. This is the " '69 Merc Mercenary Edition" version - pretty cool design, no longer found on the website. No visible cosmetic defects when racked. Remember this can be used with both the RNLA and the RNC (I've decided I want my RNLA's out of the rack) - $65

-I feel like there were a few other things, I just can't think of them at the moment.

-Polyevolver rack (The 4 voices I have are awesome, but I really need 4 more)
sl 61 remote (this is really #1 or 2 on my list, followed by the PER,
so I can have a dedicated controller for my modular)
-SM Pro Audio M-Patch2
-Coleman Audio mp3h mk2
-MOTM or MOTM format modules (Kits are fine - A blacet time machine or a blacet miniwave in MOTM format would be awesome)
-Korg polysix
-Korg mono/poly
-Ensoniq Fizmo
-Ensoniq DP/Pro
-Yamaha e1010
-Jupiter 6
-Roland SVC 350
-Roland SBF 325
-Roland VP550
-Roland RS505
-Roland SH5
-Roland SH7
-Arp Avatar
-Arp Oddessey
-Octave Cat SR2
-Yamaha CS30 (not the L version)
-Virus TI (any version)
-Roland V-Synth GT
-Stiner Parker Synthacon (yea right)
-GOOD compressors
-GOOD preamps
-GOOD Channel Strips
-Obscure  CV items (ribon controllers, pedals, synths, fx, etc - however I already own an MS03)
-kenton pro 2000 mk2 or encore expressionist or a MOTM 650 (to go with my other 650)
-Vermona drm1 mk3
-Kawai 5000