mac analogue MIDI sequencer??

From finn
Sent Sat, Jul 15th 1995, 20:55

At 07.09 15.07.95, mAD sCIENCE 2o wrote:
>On Sat, 15 Jul 1995, Ernest Bruggeman wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Someone knows of an analogue-style *software* MIDI sequencer? Must run on
>> an Atari ST (We Europeans never heard of a Mac;-]) or Windows PC. It would
>> be great to control my MIDI equipment in an analogue fashion... but
>> unfortunatly I can't affort a Doepfer....:( So I hope there's a software
>> solution.
>There's one called the Groove.  It might be on hyperreal and it's
>definitely on the
>It's a three channel, 16 step analogue style sequencer.  Each channel has
>a row of note values as well as a row for controller values.  It's a
>great sequencer, except that it won't sync to midi.

is there a version for mac????? or, how hard would it be to cobble up one
in max???

thanx in advance....


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