Re: [AH] Moog 902 VCA Replacement

From Kenneth Balys
Sent Sat, Dec 13th 2014, 22:38

Not in any way trying to offend but approx. 1450 UKP for a 3 osc setup 
before taxes and shipping, without the rack cage gives a lot of dynamic 
range to the budget headroom.

I could get a very significant Doepfer system (with everything) or 
possibly even a used Voyager for that kind of money.


On 13-12-2014 9:19 PM, Frank Hettlich wrote:
> You might have a look at Allan "J" Hall´s website:
> <>
> He is now offering very nice Minimoog clone modules (Minimod) of the
> very first discrete Minimoog in eurorack format (one of them is/are the
> vcas).