[AH] Re: A-155 sequencer (was "Best machine for live sequencing")

From Phil & Michelle Memmer
Sent Sat, Feb 12th 2000, 13:39

I have to second the vote for the Doepfer A155 module. Lots of twisted fun
can be had with this. One thing the previous poster didn't mention, though,
is that you don't only have one 3-way toggle switch per step... you have
two! The second can select between gate, trigger 3, or off. Another very
cool feature is that every step has a CV input which will override the
preset frequency... very nice for adding a bit of randomness to a sequence.

It's also pretty inexpensive, for what it does... only about $300. You have
to have it in a power rack, which adds another $200-$350 (depending on
brand, size, etc), but that rack also gives you more rooms for extra
modules, like VC switches, LFOs, trigger delays.... it's a good thing.

Wish I had three of the :(