[AH] Doepfer a-112 Patches

From prototek
Sent Tue, Jun 19th 2007, 15:20

    Hello all,
    One of the modules that I have yet to dig deep with is the a-112. I've
done some funny things with the internal speech sample but that's about it.
I've heard Ingo's great samples but they're quite similar to the things I've
done. Has anyone done anything more "musical" with this module? Is it
possible to load something like a PPG Waveform and have a sort of monophonic
PPG voice? Can you get MiniWave like timbres from this module? I'm away from
my studio so I can't try it right now. Otherwise I would do it myself. I
would love to hear some stories on what other owners of this module have
done. Anybody use it for percussion? Anybody use the PC program with it?
Sorry for any cross-posting.