Re: [AH] analog synths for german minimal sound design, especially Villa

From skkatter
Sent Thu, Jul 3rd 2008, 19:59

I saw Moritz von Oswald play live a few months ago in Berlin, he was
using an EMS Synthi A (with a big Rehberg metal sign stuck on it!),
and a large bank of Doepfer modular stuff. He was accompanied by
Vladislav Delay on an electronic drum kit, amazing gig! I took some
rubbish photos of the Doepfer and Synthi with my camera phone, I'll
stick them up somewhere when I get back home.

As for Villallbos, one press release about a particularly long winded
record he released (Fizheuer Zieheuer) mentioned the use of an
Eventide Harmonizer (which tries to emulate some old analogue effects
so is technically on-topic!). I like some of his stuff, it can go on a
bit though! :)


On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 6:35 PM, Computer Controlled <> wrote:
> I know Pole uses/used a busted Waldorf 4-Pole filter. Hence the name =o]
> jure zitnik wrote:
>> i'm more interested in what gear the basic channel/chain reaction
>> crowd uses... there simply HAS to be some specific machine for those
>> characteristical synth stabs... i love it!