Re: [AH] Modular advice - Serge or Nord?

From Rude 66
Sent Tue, Apr 4th 2000, 23:25

>Well, that's about it.  Sorry for the length of my post.  Any advice
>offered would be appreciated!

hi bob,

first of all i have limited experience with the nord.. however in the studio
i work we have a serge system. For me the choice would be the Serge, simply
because it's hardware.. i love knobs (sorry!..:) and like to work with my
hands on the machine itself rather than via a software interface. When i
played with the nord of a friend it sure was very nice, but there's not much
realtime control compared with a 'real' modular, unless you get something
like a doepfer drehbank and assign all its knobs to the nord.
what these kind of synths have to do for me is be inviting to play.
especially if you're not note-oriented, the machine has to invite you to do
things. Every time i see the serge, the arp 2500 or the vcs3 it silently
whispers 'play with me' .. The Fenix i had for a while had this too. and
somehow i don't get this feeling with the nord.
There's nothing wrong with the nord, it's a very powerful and unique
machine. But when you talk about this sort of money, there also has to be a
'feel good' factor. and i think not much can beat the serge when it comes to