Re: FS: Some hard to find goodies

From Mark Pulver
Sent Sun, Apr 12th 1998, 22:45

Kurt Dwight Bleach (05:12 PM 4/12/98) wrote:

>I already responded to this thread, but what the hell, I love talking 
>about the MS-50...;-)

I see that you're catching up to my latest post on the subject... The next
one I dropped after this one has some pricing in it.

>> The MS-50 was originally sold as an add-on for the MS-10 and -20. It's a
>> VCO, VCF and VCA with a pair of ADSRs. There's a ring modulator in there as
>> well, and a tracking generator. The meter better be solid gold for someone
>> to pay this price.
>Well, actually...

Yes, Rob pointed this out. I didn't mean to imply that I had listed all of
the function modules in the box. The URL I quoted shows all of them.

>> For $1000 you can get a Doepfer system with a lot more power. :)
>Absolutely not true at all (in my humble opinion). The mini basic system is
>$1400, and even though it includes two VCO's and Midi, I still think you 
>get a hell of a lot more for $900 with an MS-50. Similarly, if you were to
>try to buy Doepfer equivalents of all the modules in the MS-50, you'd pay a
>lot more (probably in that same $1400 - $1500 range, by the time you throw 
>in the frame and power supply).

One more message past this one that you're quoting and you would of seen
that I priced a more powerful Dopefer system for about $1000. Including the
power supply.

We disagree.. That's cool.

In an update... I got two messages from Steve (the seller of the MS-50)
about 5 minutes apart. I thought it deserved a phone call reply, so Steve
and I talked on the phone for a good 30 minutes (my nickle from Chicago to

We talked a lot about Doepfer and perceived value. He understands that I
wasn't slamming _his pricing_ of the MS-50 but questioning the value at
hand, he's looking to get back what he paid for it, and nothing more.

In the end, he's decided to keep the MS-50, basically 'cause he's realized
that he uses it on most every track that he does and that he really likes
the box.

He's also looking at building up quite a nice Doepfer system. :)

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