Re: Reproduction (The Human League)

From us008586
Sent Thu, Jul 18th 1996, 21:26

>To the best of my knowledge, the system 100m was only used (sparingly) during 
>the making of the next album, Travalogue, and it was whilst the group was
>putting together the size of 100m that they wanted, that the split up occured, 
>and the 100m was accordingly split between Phil Oakey, and the other two. Phil 
>still owns the half that he got, and in fact has greatly added to it, where as 
>the other half (thirteen modules in three racks) was sold off, through a
>outlet (TSC) here in London, and was bought by Orbital a few years ago (before 
>the prices started to rocket).

Sorry to say this but Orbital DID NOT buy the Roland System 100m.  The person
that did was Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto.  Read any interview in which
he talks about his System 100m and he almost always pays honor to the
Human League.  I thought this was common knowledge, but then again I'm a
very BIG Meat Beat Manifesto fan.  This was the reason that I originally
found out about the Roland System 100m modulars and ultimately lead to the
purchase of a couple of racks :)


Jeff R. Dec