[AH] Question: Doepfer Keyboard or Axiom?

From optix
Sent Fri, Apr 11th 2008, 06:13

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I'm seeking some advice regarding which is the best keyboard
controller to acquire for use with a big Doepfer modular in the
'under $600' category...

a. The new Doepfer A-100 CV/Gate keyboard, with the 3 CV
outs for pitch, velocity and aftertouch. (about $550+shipping)


b.  The Axiom 49 or 60 midi controller with a midi interface like the
A-190 MCVS

?? What I don't understand is how the midi keyboard controller can
be assigned to anything more than one analog control parameter?
So, as attractive all those Axiom knobs and pads are.. how can it
be used with a big modular? ..with a bunch more A-190's?