Re: Doepfer MAQ Prices in Germany?

From rolandman1
Sent Thu, Nov 16th 1995, 19:50

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>t's 1298DM, which equals 920$ US (at 1: 1.41 currently).
>Shipping is like 80$ (and that's NOT express air mail) :-((
>But what you propably will get (i.e. not have to pay) it
>germany tax. which is 15%, so that would come to exactly
>Hmmm, what I offered for a friend like 1 year ago, is to get it and ship
>it to him, so you get a gift and don't get in hassle with custom.
>That way I had of course to pay the 15% here. But now I got my own
>music business declared and running, so at least I don'thave to pay this
>taxes as well. 
>And the maq runs of 9V DC. So no problem of power conversion at all.
>Hope that helps dear Romeo. If you need further help feel free to email me,

i got the doepfer US pricelist about 2 months ago.  the price listed for the
MAQ sequencer is $763.00 US and the price for the upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 is