Re: The Moog/Korg saga continues in Akihabara... / Roland 100Ms + + +

From rolandman1
Sent Sat, May 24th 1997, 18:40

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>> Jay, jay, an MS-20 is only really worth 200 dollars, 300 if you need one
>> fast. 550 dollars is more like its list price back in 78.
>are you CRAZY?

of course he's not crazy!  

roland system 100-Ms are also pretty cheap, theyre *really* worth $150 for a
5-module system, $175 if you need one fast.  i, unfortunately, need one fast.
 thats right, folks -  $175, CASH to the next person to offer me a 5-module

but seriously, anyone with 100M cabinets for trade, please let me know.  

happy twiddling