Re: [AH] NAMM Report 1

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Sent Fri, Jan 16th 2004, 19:24

Le 16 janv. 2004, =E0 08:23, Mike Peake a =E9crit :

> Synthdeities-

our pleasure ;)

> There appears to be less analog this year than even in the previous
> "off year" show..

Hard times for everyone I bet :-/

> I hear that Dieter Doepfer will only be showing at Messe from now on,
> or for a while, whichever. It's a shame as it's always a pleasure to
> see his enthusiasm for the gear and the music, as well as all of the
> neat modules. I was hoping to see a touch keyboard/sequencer in final
> shipping condition.

J=FCrgen Michaelis from JoMoX didn't show up too?
I know the Elektron crew is at NAMM but not having a booth :-/

> The scaled MS20 controller is an absolute
> hoot-It really tweaks to see it, having seen the original when it was
> new in stores. It has 1/8" jacks IIRC that I'd heard as scanned and
> reflected in the software.
> How incredibly fun. How cool that they actually did this as a lead-in
> to the software.

The external dedicated controler is a "breakthrough" certainly for VA=20
software. Squarely pushing some features can't be addressed into 0 and=20=

1 ;)

Now how does it sound=85 beside no 2 MS20 sound the same.

> Those who are looking for MS endcaps and knobs are still SOL-so
> close, so far away.

Hey I'm still wondering If I try to open mine to repair it's envelope=20
problem=85 ;)

> Marc of MESI show the EOS "bug" modular analog stompboxes,

Mike, one day you'll remember it's Eowave the trend=85 ;)
(you naughty boy ;)

>  with artwork designed by AH member Denis "lepetitmartien".

I'm uncovered :*)

> The BodyWave
> CV->MIDI converter will be a great companion to the Nord Modular G2..

Eo=95body (you'll get spanked :P
Made in collaboration with IRCAM
(I've not checked if our red color suit together with Clavia's really=20
but it'd be my pleasure to be in such good company :)


The MESI site is in French, beware=85 in English will suit better for most here ;)
The site wasn't up to date when I checked yesterday unfortunately

Pics of the stereo bugs can be seen at
(be warned they are large)

On the Persephone as I've not seen the thing since mid December I can't=20=

tell more than Mike

> Bob Williams is showing the new 6-voice DCO additive synth module
> from his Analogue Systems line, featuring the large 8500 series
> modular(?).

Here is a pic from ASys site giving an idea of the 8500 cabinet

> The new Analogue Solutions Oberheim SEM clone is there,  and it's
> named the SEMBLANCE. It sits in a sloping, self-contained metal case,
> has MIDI, two small, light blue LEDs for the triggering of each
> envelope, adds a noise source to the original stand-alone SEM
> concept, and is supposedly 700E.

And how does it sound?

> Bob Moog celebrates 50 years in the music business! Congratulations=20
> and Thanks!
> The new Voyager with the blue back-lit front panel text and graphics
> is sex. No more excuses regarding not being able to use something
> onstage in the dark. This is so obvious that it's changed my
> expectation of other gear.

Congrats DR Moog! :)

> and David Bryce as well, showing the ADAM
> monitors in the basement at booth 1633. The S3a and below are there.
> Yes, I'm an ADAM owner and enthusiast and want you to hear them ASAP.
> I don't get a kickback, just the joy of knowing that you're going to
> enjoy the experience.

You're so damn right on these=85
Back to my (sob) Mackies

Denis H]                                 lepetitmartien