[AH] Introduction

From Daniel Hinz
Sent Fri, Feb 4th 2000, 00:17


i just joined this mailing list today and just wanted to say hi.

my interest in this group comes curtesy of my analogue
equipment, which was one of the reasons for my divorce.

anyway, i do not favor a specific form of sound sythesis
per se, but do like the warm bubbly analog sounds of my
modular system very much, which is an A100 from
Dieter Doepfer.

i also own a Nord Modular from Clavia. When i'm out of
envelopes or lfos in the a100 i just patch the sound into this synth
and continue the sound processing there. However, that almost
never happens since i bought a mcv24 from Doepfer.

i regret to say that i'm not a professional musician, i do not
have any releases out yet. but maybe that will change
once i'm through university and am able to devote even more
time and energy to this most satisfying of all hobbies.

btw i live in Hamburg. When you're in town, drop me a note.